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Is Your Business

Stunning Mobile Website Design,
Strategic Mobile Marketing,
Enabling Customers to Find You in a Post-PC World.

mobile website design orange county
MobileSite Design: HALF of ALL Searches are Mobile

Is Your Site Mobilized?

mobile website design orange county

Mobile Search: Where Customers take ACTION Most desktop Websites are difficult, if not impossible to view on mobile devices. So if you have invested the time and money in your website OR Google Advertising:  Make SURE your website is MOBILIZED for mobile searchers!
By the time a person has browsed a few of your competitors on a Desktop or Tablet they are often ready to take ACTION.
90% of Smartphone searches result in follow up action or a BUYING decision.
DigitalOne’s Mobile Website designs make it easy for your customers to find you – Wherever they are, on whatever device they are using.
View the video to learn how DigitalOne Mobile Marketing and Mobile Websites increase your brand’s visibility to generate MORE leads.

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More Mobile, More Calls

DigitalOne’s Mobile “Click-to-Call” Makes it EASY for your Customers to call you.

Initially, your customers may browse your website on a desktop at the office. Later they may view your Facebook page or read your Press Release on a Tablet. When they are actually getting ready to make a buying decision, most people use their Smartphone to look on your mobile website for an easy “click-to-call” button or a map to your location.

DigitalOne will design a custom mobile-optimized site that allows your customers to easily call you when they are ready to make a buying decision.

Digital One will also help you improve the overall Responsive Design of your website for Desktops, Tablets and Mobile Devices so your brand is easily accessible at the right place at the right time to capture more buying decisions. SIMPLE.

Is Your Site Mobilized?

Your Competitive DISadvantage or ADvantage?

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt forecasts that “The biggest change for consumers is that everyone’s going to have a smartphone. There are more tablets and smartphones being sold than personal computers – people are moving to this new architecture very fast.”

Yet, most websites are still difficult, if not impossible, to view on a mobile device. Anyone who has tried to navigate a conventional website on their smartphone knows how frustrating that can be.

Google Analytics Reports show that, “60% of mobile visitors to your website are UNLIKELY TO RETURN TO YOUR SITE if they had difficulty, AND would definitely visit a COMPETITOR’S mobile site instead.”

DigitalOne enables your brand to look great on ALL mobile devices and be more accessible at each step along the online buying process.

What's Next?

You may be asking, What’s next? Is having a Mobile Site really that important?

Meanwhile, mobile customers are visiting your site from an increasing array of devices and browsers. DigitalOne will help you navigate the near and long term web-marketing-technology choices for your business, each step along the way.

“DigitalOne also will help you develop a Strategic SEO Plan for your business to ensure it’s SIMPLE & easy for your customers to interact with your business online.”

mobile website design orange county