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A Great Design
Reaches Your Audience…

Anywhere, Anytime.

responsive website design orange county
On a Desktop at the office?
Your custom branded website LOOKS GREAT on various monitors, wider screens and different resolutions.
responsive website design orange county
On a Laptop at Starbucks?
Your new custom site ADAPTS to monitor size, so your customers can easily find your products and services.
responsive website design orange county

On a Tablet at home?
Our designers optimize touch-screen technology so your customers can easily interact with your business anywhere, anytime. .
responsive website design orange county

On-the-go on a Smartphone?
Your mobile-site looks great on smartphones too, generating more calls to your business.

responsive website design orange county
Trend Setting Web Design

Showcase Your Business, Products and Services Online

responsive website design orange county

What is Responsive Web Design?
Responsive Design ensures that your website will RESPOND to the user’s device, screen size, and orientation. Responsive Design utilizes of a mix of flexible CSS layouts, images and intelligent web technology to format your site properly across different devices. As the user switches from their desktop to and iPad, your website should automatically switch to accommodate for resolution, text and image size. In other words, IF your website is “Responsive” it will have the technology to automatically adapt or “respond” to your customers preferences. More responsive, more leads.
Responsive Design eliminates the need for frequent design changes for each new gadget on the market. Responsive websites also are recommended by Google, Bing and Yahoo to IMPROVE your site’s SEO Ranking. This is why Responsive Design IS the future of the web.
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Appearances Matter

We Customize a Beautiful Fresh New Design for Your Business – that Your Customers Will Love!
(And Google Will too!)

Appearances matter. Don’t fall behind by having an AMATEUR design your site with outdated technology. A poorly designed site can actually be a competitive DIS-ADVANTAGE. Google surveys show that, “60% of visitors to your website are UNLIKELY TO RETURN TO YOUR SITE if they had difficulty, AND would definitely visit a COMPETITOR’S site instead.”
The “Responsive” DESIGN ADVANTAGE: Google Search will actually prioritize a “Responsive” website over a non-responsive website. Responsive websites also have higher conversion rates for Google Ads.
Digital One will help you improve your website’s appearance, to make it look “a cut ABOVE” your competitors’ sites. Your new Custom Site will showcase your products and services across desktops, tablets and mobile devices to make sure that your brand is easily accessible at the right place, at the right time to capture more buying decisions. SIMPLE.

We Make Your Brand LOOK The Best, Don't Settle for Less

Studies show that 75% of internet searchers make immediate judgments about the credibility of a company based solely on the design of its website.

Customers today use a variety of devices at different times to interact with companies online. They may research products and services on their desktop PC at the office, then read more articles or press releases on their tablet at home. When they are getting ready to make a buying decision, today most people look at your mobile site before “clicking to call” from their smartphone.
Digital One enables your brand to look great on ALL mobile devices and be more accessible at each step along the online buying process.
More Responsive, more visible, more leads.

What's Next?

You may be asking, What’s next? Is now the right time to “Go Responsive?” What if there is another “new” web technology?
Consider this recent statement from Jeffrey Veen, VP, Adobe, “Day by day, the number of devices, platforms, and browsers that need to work with your site grows. Responsive web design represents a fundamental shift in how websites will be built for the decade to come.”

“Digital One makes it SIMPLE & easy for your customers to interact with your business online.”

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responsive website design orange county
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